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Well, the control panel has been installed and is now functional. The switches/points still need to be wired, but that should not be too difficult. At least I do not have to crawl under a layout to wire these. All I have to do is turn over a section and work on it on the bench.

March 12, the first 'official' operating session! My good friend George brought over a couple of his American pieces to run. I am very impressed by the Atlas engine and may eventually pick up one or two as they run so well.

George at the controls. I am extremely grateful for all his help and advice during the construction of the layout. A true friend and great railroader!

Well, the curves started to go together the first week of April. Radii are four feet and each section was first cut from pink foam, glued to 2 x 3 cross pieces, four per section, and them a masonite fascia was glued to the front and back of each section.

These sections are very strong and extremely light weight. What more could I ask for!

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