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About me & Guest Book   |   Links updated May 28, 2001

My models, locomotives and powered units.

My models are a mixture of ready to run, kit-built, reworked, and scratch built models.

(NEW May 28, 2001) A new addition, the Lima Fowler. Even though this model is quite simple and lacks detail, there is a certain charm to it and it looks great in front of some of the other Lima British prototype rolling stock.

(NEW March 15, 2001)
I thought a new picture here would be a nice change. Here is a modified Billerbahn Gepäcktriebwagen pulling a Billerbahn beer wagon. More detailed descriptions of these two items can be found under Current Projects and Freight Cars.

(NEW March 15, 2001)
This is one of my all time favorites! The Bavarian Glaskasten or "Glass Box" More information about this kit can be found under Current Projects.